At VIVA EVE fibroid clinic, we believe you shouldn't have to live with the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of fibroid symptoms. We specialize in uterine fibroid embolization — UFE. Our team of board-certified physicians and fibroid specialists will help guide you through diagnosis and fibroid treatment options.

Because not all patients are suitable candidates for UFE, we start each patient relationship with the goal of always recommending the course of treatment that is best for the patient and her unique circumstances.

The best fibroid doctors in NYC who are part of the VIVA EVE team are dedicated to empowering you to regain control of your life. Our specialized fibroid clinic provides you with the knowledge, the possibilities, and the emotional security to decide the best way to treat your uterine fibroids and associated reproductive health issues. For compassionate care and the knowledge of our expert team, call VIVA EVE to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you.

Our Commitment

The entire New York fibroid clinic team at VIVA EVE is committed to providing superior quality and personalized care for each patient we see. We help you determine which fibroid treatment option is the best way to treat your problematic fibroids. We do not recommend treatments that are not appropriate for you.


A Fibroid Treatment Center Dedicated to You

Although the board-certified physicians at VIVA EVE specialize in uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), their first priority is you. You don’t have to live with the pain or discomfort of uterine fibroids. Even if your fibroids were discovered during a routine exam and you show no symptoms, you deserve to understand your treatment options before deciding on a course of action, even if that action is to “wait and see.”

Expect personalized care from a visit to New York City’s VIVA EVE fibroid clinic. Because you may not be a suitable candidate for UFE, you always get a session to discuss your options for a course of treatment that aligns with your goals. Our fibroid doctors always prefer to begin with a conservative course of treatment that’s best for you and your unique circumstances.

Fibroid Treatment Center

The warm, friendly environment at VIVA EVE’s fibroid treatment center make you feel immediately welcomed and comforted. The fibroid doctors are working really hard to make everything easy for you. You can trust a fibroid specialist who listens to your concerns and treats not just your symptoms, but the underlying medical issues in a way that meets your goals.

Even though OB/GYNs regularly treat women and address their symptoms, fibroids can easily be confused with other conditions. We trust that you will, like our other patients, find it useful to visit a fibroid clinic to distinguish among the medical issues concerning your uterus. And in New York City, there’s no better fibroid treatment center than VIVA EVE, located in Forest Hills, Queens.


Recommended Procedure

The American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecologists (ACOG) agrees that Uterine Fibroid Embolization is a safe and effective option for appropriately selected women who have problematic fibroids and wish to retain their uterus.


Certified Anesthesiologists

Our board-certified anesthesiologists have extensive experience in providing anesthesia solutions to a wide range of surgical specialties, with a special emphasis on Interventional Radiology and Obstetrics and Gynecology. They specialize in administering anesthesia for ambulatory (outpatient) surgical procedures that require moderate sedation and pain management with a special focus on Uterine Fibroid Embolization.


Certified Interventional Radiologists

Our surgeons are certified by the American Board of Radiology and have many years of experience in minimally invasive vascular and non-vascular procedures with the special emphasis on Women’s Health and Uterine Fibroid Embolization; a minimally invasive treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids.


Certified Outpatient Surgical Centers

Our outpatient surgical centers are certified by The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF). AAAASF accredits thousands of facilities world-wide, making it one of the largest not-for-profit outpatient accrediting organizations. Physicians, clinicians, legislators, state and federal health agencies, and patients acknowledge that AAAASF is the “Gold Standard in Accreditation.”