Sandy Anne N., 42

VIVA EVE is a place I would definitely recommend

The care I received from the nurses, fibroid specialists and doctors after my procedure was remarkable. I was very impressed at the fact that they were actually checking on me at the fibroid facility every moment to make sure that I was comfortable and I had everything that I needed, that they called me at home the day after, and that the pharmacy actually delivered pills to my house! After this fibroid removal procedure, VIVA EVE is a place that I would definitely recommend to anyone who has fibroid issues.

Johanna A., 28

Based on what I went through and how I recovered, I would absolutely tell my friends or family or anyone that needed to, to do UFE.

By the second month, I didn’t even notice when my period was coming. It’s a relief not having to be worried or petrified about my period. Even my libido woke back up. I had no interest in having sex at one point and, after UFE, it just woke back up one day. It felt like overnight … I feel like a completely different person and I’m trying to adjust to this new body!

Shakila M., 38

I’m very happy I went with UFE

The doctor sat me down and said, “Hey, listen, we’ve got other options beside major surgery. There’s a little bit more modern technology out there. You don’t have to remove a part of your body. You don’t have to go through all these side effects. The recovery time is 90% shorter than a hysterectomy”… I’m very happy that I went with the least invasive option, the UFE.


Lori, 46

My gynecologist told me that I have multiple fibroids many years ago, but all the treatment options she offered sounded so scary! I had a consultation at VIVA EVE and the doctor told me that UFE is a good option for me and it should help with my pain and bloating. The procedure seemed to go very quickly, and the VIVA EVE staff called me every day after my procedure. I am now 5 months post-UFE and I am now able to do things while having a period. I take a few Advils and I am good to go. The difference is pretty amazing. 


Luann, 42

It’s been 3 months after I had my UFE, and I noticed that my bleeding was not as heavy the first time I had my period. By my third cycle, it really got much better. I can now use regular tampons and pads and I used to use super plus. I can now sleep through the night without going to the bathroom. My stomach feels smaller and I definitely have more energy. I am so happy I chose UFE instead of all the other procedures!


Tania, 38

After having the UFE, my cramps got a tiny bit better the first time I had my period but I still had a lot of bleeding. It got a little better with my second and third period. But by my fourth period, it was like night and day. I kept waiting for the cramps to get really bad, but they never did. UFE seriously changed my life. I feel healthier and am in a much better mood now. Last month we drove to my niece’s Sweet 16 while I was on my period. This never would have happened before. I have one advice to any woman with fibroids: go and see if you can do UFE. 

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